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Victory Falls

Two Worlds on One Plane

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Two worlds existing on one plane are already trying to settle their differences.

In midst of their planning and treaties, there is one non-local who’s slowly risen to the top,

controlling both worlds, both societies.

As his power grows, the plane slowly starts to expand, putting holes in other dimensions and

beckoning their people onto the field.

Welcome to Victory's Fall.


1.) Have a very good, if not better, understanding of your character. Make sure you know their past, personality, and how they would behave when thrown into bizarre situations. While there will be opportunities for crack, as we do oh-so-love crack, this does not mean you can be out of character, unless that is specified. This means you can’t have InuYasha angsting over his brother or have Naruto stay in his Sexy no Jutsu for forever and a half plus forty two.

2.) Be polite. This is a community RP, meaning you will be interacting with many other people. Keep out of character comments polite, with no bashing or insults. If you have a personal problem with another player and you can’t resolve it by discussing it, contact a mod. Please keep it out of the journals.

3.) Use proper grammar and spelling. While there will be some characters who are computer illiterate and speak or type with bad grammar, please keep logs and OoC literate. We don’t like 1337 speak.

4.) Rate all logs appropriately. Give your logs a rating such as G, PG, etc. You may have Yaoi, Yuri, and Het pairings, but all graphic or explicit logs must be labeled as such. Do it. You don’t want to scar Bookie for life, do you?

5.) Make sure you have the time. You can pick up as many characters as you want, as long as you have the time to play them correctly.

6.) OCs are welcome, but limited. We will check your OC applications to make sure they have a decent histories, personality traits and flaws. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Also, you have to have a fandom character if you want an OC.

7.) No raping/killing/etc. other characters unless it is prearranged, and preferably letting a mod know.

8.) No Godmoding. Big no-no. This means there is no taking over another characters thoughts or actions, unless it has been previously discussed. Simple things that are within your level of understanding, like a handshake, are perfectly fine. However, you must give enough room to allow the other character to react.

9.) Gods/Immortals/Shinigami are allowed, provided that they maintain and don’t abuse their duties. This includes no death with previous consent by both characters. No OCs in any of these categories. I’m sorry, but unless it’s needed for plot or we happen to really like the characterization, there will be no OC characters for these. (Note- immortals do include vampires.)

10.) No spam. Please post all intros, drops, hiatuses, etc. in the OoC community, cs_extra.

11.) Characters may be reserved for up to two weeks. Please post reserves here.

12.) Have fun! The most cliché rule of all time, but a very important one. This will have a community plot as well as the smaller ones on the side, so don’t be afraid to start something! And please post your logs in cs_logs so we can all enjoy them later.


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