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Victory Falls
Two Worlds on One Plane

kukukunaiku posting in Victory Falls
User: naiku
Date: 2007-01-25 18:52
Security: Public

Instead, there's regular snow. Jonathon 'fixed' the problem. >>


Until what comes next.

Our mini-activity check. If you're on this list, you haven't posted in 'bout 10 days~ I think. Or something. I'm even on the list. Stfu. D:

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User: csmods
Date: 2006-12-27 21:36
Subject: Plot Point!
Security: Public

The blonde Trojei walked around in a circle, suddenly changing his course the walk to the center. Kneeling down, he smoothed in a fatherly way the bloody youth's silver hair.

"Now, that should have gotten all those bad thoughts out of your head, hm?" Jonathon soothed. Anything soothing from him was false, but he was able to fake any emotion. "Will you be a good boy now?"

Riku gritted his teeth, too weak to answer, though after a slap to the head, found his voice. "...What do you mean?"

"Will you do as you're told?"

The boy glared at the older man. "I... will never do what you say."

Jonathon clucked his tognue. "It seems there are still bad thoughts in your poor head. We'll just have to fix that." With that, he gripped the boy's hair tightly and used it to forcefully throw him against the wall. "Pity. Since physical isn't working, I'll have to try mental. But I don't mind- the harder to break, the more enjoyable the results."

Riku bit back a cry, breathing hard as he pushed himself up against the wall, dragging his hand against his split lip. "The mind is… my battlefield," he retorted darkly, his body aching and shaking from exhaustion. "You… won’t win…"

Jonathon's smirk widened. "I always win."

The silver-haired boy scowled at him, closing his eyes. "Try it…. I dare you. Y-you won’t win…"

Jonathon shook his head. "Poor, misguided boy," he said, "You'll just have to learn some things... and I have been appointed your teacher."

And so Jonathon's reign of terror begins.

Riku made a bit of a threat to kill Jonathon, so he's making sure that won't happen. Don't worry, he won't die- but he's certainly not going to be himself for a while. He'll be 'gone' for a month (to give everyone he knows a decent time to worry about him), and when he gets back, he won't be in his right mind.

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kukukunaiku posting in Victory Falls
User: naiku
Date: 2006-11-26 22:46
Subject: Character Reserves
Security: Public
Please comment if you want to reserve a character.

All reserves are held for two weeks.
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kukukunaiku posting in Victory Falls
User: naiku
Date: 2006-11-26 22:20
Subject: Friends Add
Security: Public
Paste the following list here when you are accepted~

Updated on 2/3/07

friend add trojei_royal
friend add walktodawn
friend add thirteenthkey
friend add calamitousness
friend add grey_euphoria
friend add misao_okashira
friend add chocobosarefun
friend add imperfectimage
friend add formulauser
friend add taming_queen
friend remove harusaku
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User: csmods
Date: 2006-11-27 02:07
Subject: Taken Characters (by Series)
Security: Public
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User: csmods
Date: 2006-11-27 01:33
Subject: Applications
Security: Public
To apply for a character in Cristalle - Scalelands, simply comment on this post with the following information.

Explanations are as follows :

Name/Nickname: (Your name/nickname/what you want us to call you)
Player Journal: (Your livejournal account)
AIM/MSN username: (Any instant messenger we can contact you quickly on)

Character being applied for: (I hope this is obvious)
Series: (The series the character is from, or original or OCs)

Character Personality: (Please be as desciptive as possible. If your character can be summed up in a few words, go ahead, but if we’re not familiar with the series, we will ask for you to elaborate.)

Character History: (In their canon world. Please show a good understanding of major events that may have occured in the character's life. This is a roleplay set in modern time, if your character comes from another time, please add that in too.)

Brief Physical Description: (A brief desciption of your character’s appearance.)

Sample RP post/Journal entry: (Please write a short piece from you character’s point of view, first person for journal entries. Only one is nessecary.)
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kukukunaiku posting in Victory Falls
User: naiku
Date: 2006-11-26 20:54
Subject: FAQ Page
Security: Public

Q: Who’s Jonathon?
A: Jonathon is the one manipulating everyone who comes into the lands. You could say he’s the overlord and bastard. Not much else is known about him as of now.

Q: What’s it like in the Fields of Cristalle?
A:  The Fields of Cristalle is more of a busy city, think New York City. There, however are two large fields to the east and west, an ocean to the north.  All of the trees, grass, flowers and all vegetation is glass and crystal. Yes, that includes vegetables. Don’t ask about the science of it all; you can grow a glass apple if you want to.

The Fields of Cristalle have eight districts;

-East Field District

-West Field District

-Ocean District

-Residential District

-Entertainment District

-Slavis District

-Educational District

-Business District

Oh yes. Did I mention? Any boys in the Fields of Cristalle with powers are called ‘slavis’. Be careful and mind your step or you’ll end up a boytoy~

Okay, okay, I guess I managed to FREAK some people out. x3

Yes, you can be caught and turned into a boytoy. But that's only for boys. +snerk+ Try NOT to fall into boytoy-ship. And no fandom character shall be a permenant slavis. That's not nice on my part. Besides~ slavises are supposed to be freed/can be freed after about one month. x3~ HOWEVER. This is not the case if you're like, transferred to someone else. You serve another month. xD! +evil+ And when they're freed, they get a nifty headband that's good and bad. Good part is that once you have it on, you can never be a slavis again. :D

Bad part is that it doesn't come off. At all. Nevar. x3 SO AGAIN. CHOOSE WISELY AND MIND YOUR STEP.

Q: What’s it like in the Scalelands?
A: The Scalelands are a more rural area. There are a lot of open spaces and forests. Think almost like China. The Scalelands got their name from the original people who’ve inhabited them-Greyscales, Soulscales and Hellscales, as well as their protectors. Soulscales and Hellscales are at the top of society [under Jonathon, of course], while Greyscales are at the bottom of society with the new arrivals. Greyscales/Ashwings and Soulscales/Healwings are more likely to show you around the world. If you come across a Hellscale or Shadewings, I suggest you run away.

In most fields and forests, there are large stone circles, with intricate arrays. They are fighting domes, only able to be awakened by a Scale.

Q: Does Jonathon have any subordinates?
A: Yes- they arrive and are assigned when he needs them.

Q: What are the portals?
A: The portals are the way characters are brought into the Scalelands or Cristalle. They can also transport you other places, though they are completely random. They have the appearance of large, transparent emeralds. They have to be touched to be used, but it can be done unintentionally.

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